Flagstone Sealing, Enhancement, and Protection in Denver Metro

Protect Your Flagstone Walkway or Patio from the Harsh Colorado Climate!

flagstone-servicesYou chose flagstone for your patio or walkway because it looks great, and is durable. The problem with flagstone is that it can fade under the harsh, unrelenting Colorado sun.

The Stone Experts Flagstone Preservation Process

The Stone Experts have developed a specialized process to protect your flagstone. With our special sealing process, your flagstone will be protected from fading and damage caused by the harsh Colorado sun.

Already Experiencing Fading Color in Your Flagstone?

Not only does our process protect your flagstone from fading further, our process actually enhances the existing color of your flagstone. The result is flagstone that looks just as good (or better) as the day your flagstone walkway or patio was installed!

Not Just Flagstone...

Our specialized sealing process also works on brick and other stone pavers that you may have in your yard.

Contact the Stone Experts for Maintenance of Your Flagstone

The Stone Experts work with flagstone on a daily basis and are highly effective at protecting and enhancing your flagstone patio and walkways.

To learn how the Stone Experts can repair and preserve your flagstone surfaces, call us now 720-316-2120 - or fill out our contact form.